>Perangai pelik mama ufah..

Posted on January 18, 2011


Salam sume..

Today mama ufah was a little bit tired seems i have to stand for the whole 9hrs long in the clinics..what to do..thats my amanah towards HIM..

to attend the clinic for all the medical students is very tiring actually..you will see them sleep the whole night after a long day in clinic..hehe belum lagi jadi doctor kan..but honestly to be medical students standing for the whole day i bet u..huhu..really tiring..

seems so long i never wrote in english..this moment i feel like not to be in malaysia and feel like want to run away from this too much hectic and busy life i guess..but where to run my dear walid..tibe2 rasa rindu nak ade walid..haha..

hmm hari ni mama ufah tak nak cakap banyak2..mama ufah tak mau kata pape..hehe perangai pelik mama ufah kembali..

standing 9hr in clinic..seeing petient with so many problems..seems like benefit to mama ufah..because..mama ufah reliaze that mama ufah are too fortunate having this precious life..

baru tadi mama ufah jalan2 pergi one blog http://masafzal.blogspot.com/..really make my tears down like a water fall..mama ufah admit..mama ufah memang sejak dua menjak tgh nak cari something yang leh wat mama ufah nangis..then i found it..i did cry in front of laptop..haha..memalukan..tapi lega..anyway al fatihah to him..

yeah..as he qoute You’ll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have left…

okla mama ufah rasa for today just this mama ufah can give..

sometimes when u want the sun..god give u rain..when u ask why..he dont replied u..but suddenly when u feel tired and tell HIM..now i’m redha with u..HE answered u with beautiful rainbow..

seems mama ufah rainbow still doesnt come out..hoping one day..i become more stronger and stronger..

nite sume..doakan mama ufah kembali ceria seperti baby yang tak pernah mengerti dunia..hehe..

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