>Smile even its too hard..

Posted on January 29, 2011


> Salamm

selamat malam sume..malam ni mama ufah betul2 tengah takder mood nak pegang buku..even exam hanya just around the corner..i dont feel to..

hmmm..malam ni mama tulis pendek jer yer ufah..

just nak meluah hmm tak tau nak kater..sedih ke?kecewa ke? entahla..

nape mama ufah camni..hmmm entahla tak tahu nak kate..

kadang2 rasa cam nak sheild jer..or just want to be invisible..so that biar no one hurting us..

do you feel good after hurting somebody…mama ufah sensitive sangat ke??

i think i do my best to control my treshold of sensitivity…i’m increasing the treshold very high so that i cant feel hurt by someone easily..i’m trying to husnu zann to everybody..


seems..its not work..perangai manusia macam2 kan..biarlah..

i hope after this with this high technolgy shield that i wore in my heart really protect me from being hurt anymore..too much i guess..i have to stop it from bleeding anyway…

please let me be in peace…

mama ufah tengah agak sedih mengenangkan bile orang hanya nak menggunakan kita just untuk kepentingan dia..bile dia rasa die dah in the comfort zone..they just leave us a deep scar..hai manusia..nak ke mama ufah bertukar menjadi hitler yang sangat kejam..

hmmm..not fair kan ufah..orang lain yang buat..orang lain yang kene..takpela ufah..

when someone hurting us..make us cry..make ouR tears falling down..forgive them..

cause one day..in the judging day..god will do it for you..u r no one ufah to punish them..let HIM do for u..

ok ufah mama..SMILE…SMILE..

comel kan ufah senyum
dont cry because it’s over..smile because it happened that way
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