>Letter for walid..

Posted on February 16, 2011



selamat malam sume..ufah sihat sayang???hehe..setelah sekian lama mama ufah mendiamkan diri..akhirnya mama ufah dah dpt idea..ape mama ufah nak tulis dalam buku untuk ufah nih..

topic mama ufah malam ni just light jer.. mama ufah tak mau citer bnda berat2 la ufah sayang..

orang kata cinta ni beban…yeke??? time cinta sume indah..time cinta yang busuk jadi wangii..betul tak??

hmmm..mama ufah no komen la ufah syg..mama ufah belum ade pengalaman cinta yang sejati..but soon..maybe….huhuhu..

just want to share a word for walid ufah..

just want to share a word with walid ufah about the soulmate..coz baru lepas tgk citer korea soulmate..ehmm not bad..interesting story..soulmate..one word that i really want to explore what is all about..eventhough sumtimes i dont feel their existance..but lately..just like adam and eve..everybody have their own soulmate..bila dimana dan bagaimana mereka bertemu..hanyala urusan allah yg kita tak tahu..soulmate = jodoh..and its lovely when we have it..

Before I was a loner
Always brooding in my own shelter
Thought love would never stop by ever
As I couldn’t find that special lover.

Then I met you one summer
For hours we sat and talked to each other
Like old friends we were, I remember
Funny that I could find a soul mate in a stranger.

I knew then I have found the perfect partner
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has only grown deeper
and life with you has been sweeter forever…


If I could make a wish
And have it last forever and a day,
I would take you in my arms
And this is where I’d stay..
For there’s no one else I know
That holds my heart like you,
And I know someday,
You’ll realize this is true.

If I could make a wish
I’d start by making things right,
I’d take away all your doubts,
And hold you through the night.
For there’s no one else I know
That means as much you see,
And I know someday,
You’ll learn to trust in me.

If I could make a wish.
It would be just you and me,
No worries in the world,
Just happy as can be.
For there’s no one else I know
Who with me, makes the perfect rhyme,
And I know someday,
In another place in time.

If I could make a wish
I’d go to the next lifetime to be with you,
I know that you’re my soulmate,
There’s no doubt I know it’s true.
For there’s no one else I know
That is my destiny,
I know I’m meant for you,
And I know you’re meant for me.

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