>My wishlist…

Posted on March 8, 2011



today i wish i can be a good girl to my mum…
and matured girl so that my mom dont have to call me 24/7 and woryy about me anymore

then i wish i can be a good wife to my husband

i wish walid can give me not just big a house but a home with big smile..

then i wish i can have a cute and good children in my life..

i wish i can have twins..cause they are so cute and will make you laugh when you sad
i wish i can teach my daughter how to be a good girl like my mom did

i wish i can give all my love to my children so that they can grow up and be a good person in their life

i wish i can live happily ever after with them…
and i wish i can draw a happy family picture and frame it on the wall….lastly i wish i can give all my heart forever to them till the end of my life..

i dont ask HIM to give me a big house,lots of money,big car..i just wish GOD give me rainbow and smile with lots of happiness in my life..thats all i want..happiness that will never fade…

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