>The land below the wind(part 1)

Posted on April 25, 2011



nite to all and hoping all of u in the great health..again tonite i’m joting down all the thoughts that i have in this blog to keep it as a memory to lovely next generation..heheh..

tonite mama ufah wants to talk about the land below the wind..

soryyla sebenarnye dah lama sangat terperap benda nih..tapi malam ni baru ade zuq and rasa untuk menulis dan mengabdikannya..

mama ufah version is in malay..just for the malaysian..ade juga yang english version tu my best friend yana ada karang..really good one..but have to ask her permission to post in this blog..heheh..sebab nak buat yang english lagi gigih and tabah nak mengarangnyer..heheh..kalu malay version takes several months to jote it down..kalu english..heheh..mau 3months nak mengarangnyer..

tapi klu tbe2 ter english tuh..maafin mama ufah ya..

6 mac 2011,1.30 pm kami tiba di terminal 2 lapangan terbang kota kinabalu, sabah…sepatutnyer kami sampai lebih awal dalam pukul 12.30pm tapi disebabkan flight ade masalah..kami tiba lewat 1 jam..nway..perasaan meninggalkan kuala lumpur time tuh agak sedih dan syahdu..huhu..

first time babe nak jauh dari family for the whole 1 month dengan jarak yang terlalu jauh dan kalu ape jadi memang tak de sapela nak tolong kami kat sabah nih..

mama ufah hanya berdua dengan seorang kawan ,liana..my good friend anyway..only 2 of us..in sabah for a month..heheh..punyer la nak cari penyakit orang kata..haha..survival kononnyer..heheh..nantikan citer2 panas camner mama ufah survive kat sana ok..hehe..

sampai kami lebih kurang dalam 2..gedabak gedebuk..amek barang sume..kitorang tahan teksi..dalam jam 2lebih juga kami sampai di umah sewa kami..

dalam teksi..kami berdua kaget..huhu..terdiam seribu bahasa..we are foreigner rite..know nothing..have to survive in a month..hopefully survive..heheh..thats all i pray in the taxi..

dalam teksi tu..mama ufah hanya diam..tengok keadaan sekeliling..kagum dengan ciptaan ilahi..dan bersyukur..akhirnyer..mama ufah dapat jejak juga ke sabah ni..

bile bercakap pasal sabah nih..rasa rindu nak pergi sabah tuh kembali..rase nyesal tak borong bawa balik banyak barang pun ade gak..heheh..poyo sungguh..huhu..

masa tibe tu cuaca di sabah sangat cerah..windy..dengan suhu time tuh seingat mama ufah pilot tuh cakap 35 degree celcius..panas tuh dekk..heheh..

kami sampai di rumah sewa kami di taman orkid..susah punyer nak dapat umah..sampai kami tawar nak bayar mahal sewa tuh..rm500..umah ni kire selesa la untuk just tido dan merehatkan diri..kami sewa bilik yang dah disediakan katil and lengkap segalanya..dapur dan bilik air..

alhamdullilah..nak minta lebih2..hmm kat tempat orang kan..kene la redha jer..

petang pada hari yang sama kami sampai..kami berjalan kaki ke giant supermarket beli makanan for one month punyer stock..lebih kurang dalam 15 minutes jugala dari rumah..

really exciting that time..but all sabahan know that we are semenanjung people..

so the cycle for the whole 4 weeks was just typical medical student..who have to hang around with the HO’s and patient..and have to attend the ward round..the wards that we were attached were to crowded so that during the ward round..the environment was like you in sardine’s tin..hehe..but nway..this is such a great memoir for us at that time..we were able to see what all the semenanjung people wont be able to see..

apart from being a medical student..mama ufah proudly present..hhuhu..kami dengan bangganyer berusaha untuk menambahkan pengalaman kami dengan menjelejah boleh kata half of the sabah la..from kudat to tenom kami jelajah..all the experience..all the balck and white..mama ufah akan coretkan..dont woryy..tak sempat malam ni..sok mama ufah sambung ok..heheh..

all the exciting moment begin with the help of tourism malaysia sabah..thanks to them..

so pada sape2 yang nak travel..tempat 1st yang korang kene pergi ialah tourism center..pada yang takde kenalan cam kami..all are from our effort..hehe..

hari jumaat tuh berkat perjalanan kami setelah pergi ke tourism center..we rent a car for our next trip(yehaaa…kundasang)

but before naik kundasang..kami sempat meronda sekitar bandar kota kinabalu..tempat yang kami pergi ketika itu :

  1. Visiting the waterfront of KK and window shopping of pearls, handicraft, and juicy tropical fruits such as mangoes, coconuts, bananas, and pineapples.
  2. Our hope to visit Kipandi Butterfly Park ruined as we got lost and lost even after asking some locals for the directions, we still got lost. Hence we left to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).
  3. UMS is one of recognized university in Malaysia. Here we were able to visit the Aqua Marine Museum. Besides that, I fantasized that our faculty will be established well and develop as big as the UMS.
  4. Then we went to Yayasan Sabah, with unique architecture design of building to take some photos for our memories.
  5. City Mosque which having similar concept with Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai, Terengganu had been our pit stop for us to refresh ourselves before we continued our trip in the evening.
  6. Next is North Borneo Railway Station which is the oldest running steam train in Sabah and Borneo. The nostalgic romance of an old steam train relives memories of a bygone era. Passing through villages and coastal towns, paddy fields, rainforests and plantations of rubber and coffee, a ride on North Borneo Railway is truly a journey of rediscovery into the heart of Borneo. Regrettably, it was under construction now whereby we didn’t have the opportunity to ride on it.
  7. Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the best places to watch sunset in Kota Kinabalu. As we settle ourselves on a white sand of the coast, I had a call from my beloved mom; she told us about tsunami in Japan which happen at noon of our time zone. She urged us to drive back home and stay away from the seaside. My emotion was so intermingled at that time as I was so pleased to watch the sunset, and unexpectedly received a bad news of big disaster of tsunami happen in Japan. I was so shock, surprise and astonishment. Fortunately, I was still able to think and followed what she said and rushed back home for our safety and sadly we couldn’t enjoy the sunset.

ok la guys..part one mama ufah rasa setakat ni dulu..heheh..penat nak mengarangla..and nak upload gambar pun..huhu..besokk ya..hari ni story..sok picture ya..

ok will be continued…


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