>The worst patient is a doctor..

Posted on April 29, 2011




where i have to go??? mars?? venuss??hehe

what are you searching for my dear little cutiey..i’m away for a while to let u smile..

hmm memang tengah tak larat..demam mama ufah menjadi2..sejuk dia mencengkam hingga ke tulang..dengan berat hati..gagahkan juga ke klinik sebab adik mama ufah ade appointment..heheh..nak jadi cerita..dah nak kene tahan..huhu..

betapa la mama ufah enggan untuk di tahan..terus balik..hahahah..so kita rehat di rumah..banyak2 minum air ok mama ufah..detik hati sendiri..hahah..

nway..the worst patient in this world is a doctor..

dont believe me..heheh..percayala..but maybe not all i can say..but pasti ada..

because we learn that things..so we are more afraid of the consequences and tend to be denial..heheh..yeah..

u can say how can u treat ur patient if u dont seek for a doctors when u sick..

doctors all are human…u may think they know everythings..but act we dont..

we just keep reminding and learning everyday..learn from the experiences…

what text book says..not sebijik copy paste in the patient..among 10..u can find 1 copy paste from the text book..the others 9..come with all the variety of sometimes..u can say..how come? what..is it that simple..hehe..

smile dear..even its too hard to smile when u re sick

sometimes people talk to me..why u dont talk about ur studies in medicine..

hmm..i can just say..medicine is something that u cannot be proud of..yeah..i know we are the chosen one get the chances to..but when u know and deeply fall in love with it, the true medicine is all about humble and tawadu’..

the more and more u know..u will be more silent and silent person..because..you will talk when really need..

eventhough i’m still a student..after seeing so many doctors..so many patient..

one thing i know..to know all about medicine is something..u will not and never..but u will get the whole medicine when u know how to deal with human being….


ape yg mama ufah dah merepek..hmm if all above i say will hurt someone..forgive me..

and for the next 2-4 days…i’m away from this infectious internet i guess..hope to see u guys soon..

pray for me..harap2 buat perangai gile ni..takde benda yang tak elok jadi..heheh..

this strong baby i guess..still gaze and smiling to u even all the wires all connected to him

ok guys..smile for the next 4 days ok???

forgive all the people u done wrong to u..everysecond and everystep u r this just loan from god world…

bye..salam semua..

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