>ITs time to MOVE..

Posted on May 5, 2011



today i’m writing here with a big smile and a big hope..why??? because of the title maybe..heheh..

iTs time for me to move and to run and speed..hehe..

hari ni dengan rasminya all my senior done doing their final professional exam..

hepi and glad to see them happy..but at the same time my heart pound faster..

coz its my turn next year..waaaa…rasa cam tak caya tup tup dah nak masuk tahun ke 6  bergelar medical student..

one more year i.allah..i will be a houseman and two years more i will be a medical officer and thinking of further my study after this..

hope all the long journey and story of mine HE always beside me..cause one thing i’m sure and afraid of..when i’m saying to HIM..ohh dear GOD..i’m tired..i hope those word will never come out when the battle and war start..hehe..

so from today onward..haha..my blog will officially full of general knowledge regarding health and medical life..heheh..

ntah ape agaknye bunyi nanti yer..

so skang dah kene start speed 100km/hr..hahah..i think my brain still dont see what i’m supposed to see..hhehe..

1 box full of notes and books that i have to prepare..

ok meh dengar lagu nih..i love this song and i will sang this over and over again..

ni sume penangan tengok citer a walk to remember..huhu..ok time to speed mama ufah!!!