jealousy or what?

Posted on May 15, 2011


hi are you? i hope you are fine and always smile outhere..

again..i’m writing..and writing..yeah i know i cant stop my little fingers to dance for whatever reason i made..yeah..yeah..i know..i’m addicting already to write and let this kids dance for me..haha..

today nothing big happen just another me and another you..haha..what i’m talking about..

so today no big deal actually just accompany my parents to see our new house..waking up so early..hehe…frankly speaking not so early..but earlier than yesterday..haha..then washing up..breakfast..and we when to see the new house..i love the house..

my brothers and i..always fighting about the immature for so call an adult now..haha..but when you spend your time with your loves one..there you go…all the immature one will come out..hehe..

talking about so call jealousy or what??

why suddenly pop out with this topic is because of FB account..heheh..all my friends are getting married and will marry

yeahh..yeah..thats why this post come out..jealous with others happiness??

NO la..very happy for them just i wonder and ponder..when my turn???hahahah..

sometimes yeah i do have some sort of feeling of jealousy??? i dont think so..not so call jealous la..its just a feeling of..i dont really know how to explain..

sometimes i do feel..why its not my turn yet..why and why..its just a feeling of got it?? no?? yeah just forget about it..

it just a moment and a temporary feeling i can say..

so what is this feeling about??? tell me are an expert!!!

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