beauty of the sky

Posted on May 19, 2011


I look up to the sky…
An azure beauty that tingles my heart,
A massive expanse without border nor end,
So high above…
I stretch out my arms to grasp at it,
But it was out of my reach,
So far away…

Around me the monuments of mans genius surrounded,
Sky scrapers reaching to the heavens above,
Embodiments of our wit and prowess.
Not bad I thought,
Impressive in their own little way…

But far still were they compared to azure sky,
Nowhere near can they go to reach it,
Despite the brilliance in their big name.

And then it hit me:-
Oh how small I am compared to the sky,
Peak of all peaks, beyond all reach,
Roof of all roofs that covers our world.

Oh wait a moment my little mind says…

If a peak it be, or a roof if you like,
Where be then is its root,
The mighty support with the fortitude,
To hold up the sky itself.

Oh what power is it that can hold up the sky,
How small oh how small I am,
Compared to the invisible Hands,
With the might to support the sky.

Oh wait my little mind says yet again…

What meaning is there in this tiny piece of rock,
When compared to the brilliance of the Sun,
Even then, so what of the Sun,
Only a medium sized star, neither the brightest, hottest nor the largest,
A gazilion stars there are in our galaxy,
All held together by the gaping might at it’s center.

Even then still,
How many countless galaxies are there,
We have not even an idea.

Blackholes from which even light cannot escape,
Quasars with power more than whole galaxies,
A universe whose end we have not even an incline,

And my tears trickled
As reality hit me…
Of how tiny and insignificant I actually am,
Before the Power that Created it all,
The fathomless might that holds up the universe,
That move or stops the tiniest things, to the largest.

Azure expanse without end