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bila dah tepu sgt read all about ortho..tibe2 terpikir satu benda yg rasa cam nak share..

When elders are given advise by their juniors,
They say “You are still young, you have not seen life yet, what do you know!”.

When the young are given advise by their elders,
They say “You are too old, you are from a different generation, what do you understand about my generation!”

And when we can’t use either of those two excuses,
We say “Every human is unique unto themselves, I’m different from you, you don’t understand what I’m going through!”

And this is how we fool ourselves into thinking that we are infallible, when it is just our ego that is keeping us from accepting hard truths…holding us back from becoming better persons.

Juniors may not have lived life as much as we have (well duh what do you expect!), but it does not mean that they do not have some wisdom that we may have missed…and that we can take a lot of good out of.

Elders may not live in the same world as we do, but history often repeats itself and so does life. It may have been in a slightly different setting, but the formula is most probably very similar…maybe with some tweaks here and there, but that’s what we were given minds for.

We are unique certainly, but we are not perfect nor are we infallible. Others may not truly understand us as if they were actually us – because they aren’t us – this is what it means to be UNIQUE. But this does not mean that what they say have not credence. We are each made different, unique, and imperfect; and we are given the other (Other humans: family, partner, friends, society, foes), so that we may each cover for the others’ failings.

We only perceive the world through our own narrow perspectives: this is what we call ‘reality’. But our reality may not be others’ reality, nor is it necessarily ‘the absolute reality’. Understanding this truth, and accepting it is one of the keys of wisdom..

p/s:hope this end posting exam ortho will end smoothly without any problem..=)

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