i’ve searching for many years..

Posted on June 5, 2011


salam and afternoon to all..

i was not intoo to write like my back then..just a word and poem from me to all..

i’m glad that i met u in the cloudy rain streets..
i never thought i will..
i’m still remember the face when you look at me..
and the way you smile to me..
i’m so glad that we met that day..

today when i was pray..
i got a message from you..
i know and i know dear..
you mean that..

i’ve been searching you for many year..
i’ve been waiting you for many decades..
i know you are not the first..
but i know you are the last..

i’m glad HE let me found you finally
i’m so grateful that i met you at last..
even i know you said..
better late than never..
yeah i agree..
because i met you when i’m such a beautiful and mature person..

thank you dear..
for all the kindness..
for all the patience that you gave..
thank you so much..

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