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beauty of the sky

May 19, 2011


I look up to the sky… An azure beauty that tingles my heart, A massive expanse without border nor end, So high above… I stretch out my arms to grasp at it, But it was out of my reach, So far away… Around me the monuments of mans genius surrounded, Sky scrapers reaching to the […]


May 19, 2011


bila dah tepu sgt read all about ortho..tibe2 terpikir satu benda yg rasa cam nak share.. When elders are given advise by their juniors, They say “You are still young, you have not seen life yet, what do you know!”. When the young are given advise by their elders, They say “You are too old, […]

>ITs time to MOVE..

May 5, 2011


> Salam.. today i’m writing here with a big smile and a big hope..why??? because of the title maybe..heheh.. iTs time for me to move and to run and speed..hehe.. hari ni dengan rasminya all my senior done doing their final professional exam.. hepi and glad to see them happy..but at the same time my […]

>I’m not looking at the back anymore..

April 24, 2011


> Salam.. again i’m writing here..hope u guys are happy.. pening juge la bila sume orang tengah busy and sibuk keje kita dok umah cuti takder wat pe..katil pandang kita..kita pandang katil.. tv jeling2 kat kita..kita wat tak tahu jer kat tv..(hehe,sombongla konon) huh..really tired kalu cuti sem camni.. mama ufah sangat tak suke bile […]